The AFCA mission is to be an organization for the education and promotion of the understanding of antique electrical and mechanical fans: their history, operation, preservation, collection, and restoration. Antique & Vintage fans, whether they be water, air, electric or alcohol powered are excellent examples of the industrial, technological and stylistic advancement of modern culture.


The AFCA has over 700 members with a wide variety of backgrounds. The average collector has been collecting for 12 years and has 70 fans in their collection. We have 20 members with 50 or more years of experience. Their friendship, knowledge, and willingness to share proves to be a valuable asset for the Association. The AFCA is a not-for-profit organization. Each new member is provided with an AFCA membership directory, with access to the considerable AFCA fan history archives, and with numerous local and national meetings.


New to Antique Fans and Have Questions? Visit Our Restoration & Repair section for Frequently Asked Questions OR register on our Forum where you can ask questions of AFCA Members.

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