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Shipping a Desk Fan (Dave Friedlund) GE Kidney Wiring Diagram (David Hoatson)
Emerson Screw-On Blade Removal (Chuck Brandt) Stator Removal/Head Wire Replacement (Dave Friedlund)
Electric Fan Lubrication (Scott MacClymonds) Copper Oxide Finishing (Larry Mong)
Fan Lubricants (John McComas) WrinklePaint Finish Technique (Kenneth Nelson)
Slowing Fans Down (John McComas)  Fan cleaning/Polishing (Dick Boswell)
Fan Wiring Diagrams Link (John McComas) Balancing Blades with a Stroboscope (John McComas)
Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagrams Emerson Speed Coil Rewinding Part 1 (Tom Newcity)
Paint/Brass Polishing (Dick Boswell) Emerson Speed Coil Rewinding Part 2 (Tom Newcity)
Diagnosing Starting Problems (Dave Friedlund) Blade Riveting (Tom Newcity)
Coin-Op Exploded (Kim Frank) FASCO Facts Time Saving Motor Replacement Tips (John McComas)

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Part Drawings

Emerson 16646 Lever Oscillator Thumb Screw Emerson 16646 Lever Oscillator Vertical Oscillating Shaft
Emerson 16646 Lever Oscillator Stop Post Emerson 77 & 79 Shoulder Screw
Emerson 6250 Shoulder Screw  

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Past Articles (Members Only)

Restoration Procedures and Techniques for a 1917 GE 12" Six Blade, Two Star Fan by Monty Young

Restoring ID Tags and Badges With Monty Young

Archive of Original Fan Directions

Restoration Resources

The following information is intended for AFCA members in order to help with the fan restoration process. The authors and the AFCA assume no liability as to the reliability of these suppliers. Check out these suppliers at your own risk.
Please provide updates and new additions to:

Complete Restoration Services

Paul Graves
(870) 754-7768         email
Reproduction brass guards, blades, bearings, vane oscillator parts, gears, etc.
Complete restoration services. Restored Fans For Sale.  Contact Us Today.
Fan Man USA
1907 Abrams Rd., Dallas, TX 75214
Fans, parts, repair, restoration.

Chestertown Electric
324 Cannon Street
Chestertown, MD 21620
Dave Hoatson
(410) 778-0313
Fans, motors, & lamps
Sales, service and restoration





Bert Boudreaux
1801 David Drive #5
Jeanerette, La. 70544
Fans of the Past  (Mike Mirin)
Fans, parts, repair, restoration. 219-756-6659

Eddie Frank

10983 Bennett Pkwy  Zionsville, IN 46077



Chad Baker   
Your source for original fan parts.

Paul Graves
(870) 754-7768         email
Reproduction brass guards, blades, bearings, vane oscillator parts, gears, etc.
Complete restoration services. Restored Fans For Sale.  Contact Us Today.

Eurton Electric
9920 Painter Avenue
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
(800) 423-4789 (562) 946-447

Parts available including carbon brushes of various sizes 

White Armature
W4457 US-63
Springbrook, WI 54875
(715) 635-3760




Darryl Hudson
68 Bluegrass Drive, Aiken, SC 29803
(803) 649-6641
Many high quality reproduction parts supplies: grommets, feet, brush caps, gears, plugs and various hardware. Also custom machining and some restoration services. See Web page or email for complete list.

Rich Raclawski
(Cresent Industries)
8340 S Golden Fields Dr, Oak Creek, WI 53154
(414) 570-9908
Vornado switches, knobs, and more

Ted Kaczor
Fan Parts


 Antique Fan Parts/OTR+Wire
1457 9th Ave NE
Hickory, NC 28601
Your only resource for quality cloth covered wire.  Our wire was designed by fan collectors for fan collectors.  This product has been supplying the top fan restorers/repairmen since 1986.

Sundial Wire, LLC
PO Box
Northampton, MA 01061

413)-582-6909 / fax (413)-582-6908
New cloth-covered wire, custom-manufactured to replicate vintage electrical wire. Many colors, styles, and gauges. Plugs also. All available with photos on the website.

Paint and Refinishing
Antique Electrical Supply 
(480) 820-5411
Brass and nickle plating kits which work well for small parts, screws, etc.
Buff Polish & Grind Industrial Supply
Buffs and polishing compounds. Joe Merrit is a great guy and will give lots of advice to his customers.
(940) 455-2269
Cherry Tree Woodcraft
(800) 848-4363
Felt for fan bases and Sheets or dots.
Duro Felt
contact: A. Sahita
Genuine wool felt for fan bases and felt wicking material. 


G.J. Nikolas Co
2800 Washington, Bellwood, Il 60104
(800) 346-4741
High quality clear lacquer suitable for coating brass and other polished metals. Sold through distributors around the world, call for one near you. Available from McMaster-Carr Supply Co (see below) Part Number 76885T62, the price is $9/can.
Plasti-Kote Company, Inc
Availible at Target and Walmart in small 3oz.spray cans. Brass colored paint for Emerson fan blades. Odds 'n' Ends BRASS #139S is a very close match to the original color Emerson used to paint their fan blades in the 1920's.
PPG Products 
(Look in your local Yellow Pages under auto body supplies)
Paint, Primer, Filler, Rust Removers, etc. If you want professional results, use professional products. They have some excellent application notes describing their finishing products/process.
Eastwood Company
580 Lancaster Ave., Box 296
Malvern, PA 19355-0296
(800) 345-1178
Many high-quality automotive refinishing products including body fillers, primers, paints, pin stripping supplies, small parts plating kits, etc.

Motor Repair and Maintenance
Antique Electrical Supply
(602) 820-5411
Nichrome and magnet wire for switch and winding repairs. Some cloth wrapped wire
EIS Holden Supply
Miscellaneous motor parts: brushes, brush caps, fiber washers, bearings, etc. They sell packs of 100 fiber washers in any size, they also have almost any size carbon brush, min. order is $75

Brass and Other Metals
Automatic Tubing Corp.
888 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11222
(800) 527-3091
Brass tubing.
Shapiro Supply Co.
5617 Natural Bridge Ave.,St. Louis, MO 63120
(800) 833-1259
Aluminum, stainless, 4130 steel, brass, and steel carried in stock for immediate delivery.
Special Shapes Co.
P.O. Box 7487, Romeoville, IL 60446
(800) 51-SHAPE
Brass stock, hardware and tools. Mention you are an A.F.C.A. member and get a 10% discount!

Misc. Tools and Hardware
Montezuma, Iowa
Tools and supplies for gunsmithing. Many applicable to fans.
Eastwood Company
580 Lancaster Ave., Box 296, Malvern, PA 19355-0296
(800) 345-1178
Many specialty automotive and metal fabrication tools. Many applicable to fans. On-line ordering
McMaster-Carr Supply Company
National industrial supply company. They stock almost anything you can imagine. Nikolas lacquer, fiber motor washers, electrical supplies, etc. Nice on-line ordering system
MSC Industrial
410 Commack Road, Deer Park, NY 11729
If you need an odd size tap, die, reamer or drill bit, they will have it
Small Parts, Inc.
P.O. Box 4650, 13980 NW58th Court, Miami Lakes, FL 33014-0650
(800) 220-4242
Lots of tools, hardware and materials for model making, engineering and restorations.
W.W. Grainger Industrial Supply
(800) 220-4242
Motor Supplies, Sells now to public and online. National industrial supply company with warehouses in most major cities. They have epoxy electrical insulating spray paint which is excellent for stators.


Motor Rewinding
New England Armature
24 Pleasant Dr., Danville, N.H. 03819
(603) 382-5272
Eurton Electric
9920 Painter Avenue
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
(800) 423-4789 (562) 946-4477
The Moir Company
Rt. 117 Box 9000, Denmark, ME 04022-0999
(207) 452-2000

Metal Plating
Bliss Repair
Portland, OR (503) 234-2286
Brass and nickel plating.
Speed and Sport Chrome Plating
404 Broadway, Houston, TX 77012
Craig Bierman
Chrome, nickel and gold plating

Metal Casting and Part Duplication
Leerock Foundry
621 S. Mountain Rd, Ontario, CA 91762
(909) 984-4628
Aluminum, bronze and brass, no cast iron.
Silverton Foundry
Box 293, 600 Pine St., Silverton, OR 97381
(503) 873-6826
Cast iron.
18th Century Hardware Co.
131 E. 3rd St., Derry, PA 15627
(412) 694-2708
Brass and aluminum casting and finishing, part duplication.

Polish and Clear Coating
Cleveland Ave., Winchester, KY 40391
(606) 744-8124
Corbin & Son
2845 S.W. Blvd., Kansas City, MO. 64108
(816) 931-8811
Courtest Polishing, Glen Taylor
735 N. Addison Rd., Villa, IL 60118
(708) 832-1862

Gear Making
Bob Backer
4820 Church Pl.
Cincinnati, OH 45208
(513) 321-1923

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